Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jeremy Irons & Thomas Mann Join the Beautiful Creatures Movie

In case you missed the news, Academy Award winning actor, Jeremy Irons (“The Borgias” & “Margin Call”)¬† is in final negotiations to play Macon Ravenwood in the Beautiful Creatures movie & Thomas Mann, the star of “Project X” will play Link, joining Emma Thompson, Viola Davis, Jack O’Connell, Alice Englert & Emmy Rossum!

This is really exciting because I always pictured Jeremy Irons as Macon while I was writing. The casting was pure coincidence, but it is another great choice by the team at Alcon! Two–with the addition of the adorable Thomas Mann as Link.

More details on Jeremy Iron’s casting on www.BeautifulCreaturesAuthors.com.

More on Thomas Mann’s casting at MTV’s Hollywood Crush!

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One response to “Jeremy Irons & Thomas Mann Join the Beautiful Creatures Movie”

  1. Shawn says:

    Holy cow!! Jeremy Irons is going to play Macon Ravenwood! That is really exciting…he is one of my all time favorite actors! Now there are 3 Academy award winning actors in the movie!

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