Thursday, November 8, 2012

List of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES Set Visit Interviews

Beautiful Creatures is coming to the big screen on February 13, 2013. Several media outlets had the opportunity to visit the set sit down with the cast. Check out what the sites had to say below:



Collider’s Alden Ehrenreich Interview


Collider’s Margot Martindale Interview

Collider’s Alice Englert Interview

Collider’s Richard LaGravenese Interview

NextMovie’s Alice Englert Interview’s Emmy Rossum Interview


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One response to “List of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES Set Visit Interviews”

  1. Hi Kami,

    I love visiting pages about him, Margie and Beautiful Creatures… is an incredible feeling! I am a young Brazilian YA writer, who plans to launch his book in the U.S (I’m contacting some agents) My book is about is a Souther- Gothic called STRANGE THINGS, and if i can equate it with BEAUTIFUL CREATURES & HBO’s TRUE BLOOD. The history takes place in Louisiana, but with a different bit from the South, that includes some aspects of South Carolina!
    I hope one day you are reading.
    I love his books! Are amazing, i inspire them to each page!

    Best Regards,
    Gabriel Galvani; BRAZIL